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Two-Man Practical Field Marksmanship Event - April 2011

Next April there is to be an unusual 3 day shooting event at W.M.S. in mid-Wales, sponsored and operated by Open Seasons (as in KG cleaning products), together with P.G.W. (as in Timber Wolf rifles) and Blaser, among others.

The first day is strictly for the military and police, but the second day is a trade and demonstration day, and the third a field marksmanship event for pairs of shooters (no individual prizes).

Entries will be invited for both long range specialist precision matches involving some fieldcraft, and some medium range PR type stages using steel targets (I have been invited to assist with the development and running of the latter). On this occasion shooters will only be able chose one of the two match formats. Shooting will be squadded and run to a timetable, so that shooters can be constantly engaged in some sort of activity. Equipment will be restricted to what can be carried on the person.

There may also be a night shoot, using night vision equipment and other 'have-a-go' shooting activities will be offered by the sponsors.

Because of the generous sponsorship the prize table will be outstanding (possibly rifles, scopes, etc.) and the entry fee modest: 50 for the two days.

I am hoping to help the organisers gauge the level of interest from the PR world so I would pleased to hear from anyone who thinks they might like to take part.

Neil Beeby (

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