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PR League Update
Yet another year has passed by and the 2012 PRN League results have been finalised.

Congratulations to Steve Sheldon for taking first prize (an engraved glass beer glass) with a score of 420.84 out of a possible 500. In second place with a score of 380.38 is Nigel Greenaway and only seven points behind in third was A Dreyer. I have the trophies and will present them or send then as appropriate.

Click here for the full results table for the 2012 PR League

Its now becoming prohibitively expensive to hire mod ranges. You cannot have failed to noticed that the number of matches taking place that count for the PR League has dropped to from a high of 13 in 2004 down to 5 last year.

It looks like this year that may be reduced further to four. We are all also painfully aware how expensive it has become to travel thus reducing the number of competitors (including me) that are able to make it from one end of the country to the other.

Those individuals who gave up a great deal of their time in setting up and running these Matches since the early 90's, and in some cases for ten years or more have, needless to say have got older and understandable have moved onto other things, shooting or otherwise.

Unfortunately in the majority of cases the baton has not been picked up with the obvious result that these Matches have fallen by the wayside.

The League will continue of course, however the brass fund after taking out the cost of this years trophies (£56.97) has only enough cash left (£95.11) in it to pay for the 2013 trophies with there being a small short fall for the ones in 2014 (the league's 20th year) which if necessary I will make up. Needless to say if more brass is donated I will keep the fund going.


Steven Beard


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