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Methuen Match Report 2007

This years Methuen event took place on Wednesday July 11 at Bisley. Eight civilian teams took part shooting alongside the military teams. The weather stayed dry with the wind doing its usual fishtailing on century ranges.

Each team consists of six shooting members and (if they can get a willing volunteer) a team captain. The PR League team this year was comprised of Mark Dougan (Team Captain). Bill Ellis, Steve Oakland, David Cowley, Robin Brown & Steve James.

The day is organized by the Army Target Rifle Association and run, as usual, by the military and. Shooting doesn’t start until 11 am and is usually completed by about 4pm.

The competition itself consists of five service rifle practices over 300, 200 & 100 yards, one of which is a rundown from 300 to 100 yards. Each stage consists of 10 rounds with the first stage at 300 having two sighting shots. There’s no requirement for butts duty so the day turns out to be (by PR standards) a relaxed day.

The Match consists of the following five practices:-
Practice 1. Deliberate. 300 yards. 10 rounds in 1 minute at a figure 12 target from the prone position. This stage is preceded by 2 sighting shots.
Practice 2. Fire & Movement. 300 to 100 yard rundown. 2 rounds at 300 prone, 2x2 rounds in 6 seconds at 200 from sitting, 2x2 rounds in 6 seconds at 100 from standing. All at a figure 12 target.
Practice 3. CQ Snap. Figure 12c target. 5 x 2 exposures each of 3 second up 2 seconds down 3 seconds up. First exposure from standing second exposure from kneeling.
Practice 4. Rapid. 200 yards. 2 x figure 11s. One exposure of both targets for 40 seconds. From standing adopt the sitting position and fire 5 rounds on each target.
Practice 5. 300 yard snap. 1 figure 12 target. 10 x 3 second exposures over 5 minutes from the prone position.

On completion of each stage targets are shown with each hole spotted and the number of hits in the A & B zones shown on a board alongside the targets. In other words you get immediate feedback on your score which you sign for before leaving the point.

Ammunition is supplied although it’s up to the competitors (civilian) whether they use home loads or not.

Teams are allowed to coach each other with the most adept currently being the Highpower Rifle Association. The result of which was their “A” team deservedly taking the Mauser Trophy for another year. The PR team came a creditable fifth behind the London Practical “A” team, the Saluza Scouts and the London Practical “B” team.


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