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Southern PR Competition
East Hole Rifle Range

This competition is hosted by the Bridport Shooting Club. This is a 400 yard gallery range that shoots slightly uphill. Situated Near Wareham in Dorset.
This is a Practical Rifile competition. However the targetry will be suitable for those wishing to enter in the iron sighted classes.

It is limited to 48 shooters on a first come first served basis with Trophies or medals for the following classes of rifles & competitors:

i. SMLE rifle, service pattern, as issued with no attachments
ii. Enfield No. 4 rifle, service pattern, as issued with no attachments
iii. Any rifle, iron sights, no restriction on slings, bipods prohibited
i.e. any rifle not covered by classes I & II.
iv. Any rifle, optical sights, no restriction on slings or bipods
i.e. any conventional bolt action with telescopic sight
v. Any straight pull rifle, optical sights, no restrictions on slings or bipods.
i.e. any AR type derivative
Veteran (aged 50 and over);
Lady (any Lady entrant);

Tyro (any competitor who has not previously attended a PR or SR event.)

The Bridport Invitational Team Shoot trophy (B.I.T.S) will also be up for grabs by those wishing to enter four man teams with the positions being decided by aggregate score of the team members.

Download the 2007 Entry Form here

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