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North Wales PR Competition
Bangor Tunnel Range

Held in the Tunnel Ranges at Bangor. Hosted by the Bangor Rifle Club. This range consists of two tunnels alongside each other. Both are now 100 yards, the old ‘long tunnel is now closed due to legal technicalities. Both ranges are used at the same time allowing the organisers to simultaneously shoot two stages.

Although the competition takes place over the whole weekend all the stages are shot on each day. This allows competitors to select when to shoot. These shoots, given the problems of shooting in a tunnel, are different from your average Practical Rifle shoot. The team led by JN & PW put on shoots that are both novel and challenging. The competitor is usually put into five scenarios (courses of fire) taken from a period of history.

If you would like to take part please download the entry form below and return it as soon as possible.

Please note that the maximum distance shot is now 100 yards. The competition is open only to centre fire rifles.

Established PR shooters need only e-mail an entry form to save postage.

I am willing to send a sample of the CoF is anyone feels there is not enough Practical Challenge to the match.

It would be much appreciated that no one puts the CoF or photo’s of the competition on the web without the Bangor Hon Sec approving.

For more information about the competition or other items relating to Bangor Tunnel Range please email


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