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The place to put adds for items for sale, wanted items, usefull information, etc. All messages placed here will be reviewed and may be deleted if deemed inappropriate.

OTHER: Stoney Castle
From:GJDate:Wed 30/05/12 2:35
Cancel last request,found it on Google Earth!

OTHER: Directions
From:GJDate:Mon 28/05/12 4:49
My entry is in but where is Stoney Castle range? A post code, co-ordinates or road No. should do.

COMMENT: instructor
From:EmouseDate:Sun 18/03/12 18:13
If your friend is about to become an Instructor he will be joining the RAFVR(T) and subject to a military range/instructor qualification.

Its not quite the same as allowing civvies semi autos as much as we all would like it!

INFORMATION: Combined cadet Force
From:TreeboneDate:Tue 24/01/12 22:17
It has come to my attention from a friend of mine who has been asked to become a shooting instructor with the local air cadets, that they now use the L98A2 semi automatic version of the SA80 when previously it was the straight pull single shot version.
I have no problem with the cadets using these rifles but i am offended that we "ADULT" law abiding firearms licence holders are denied access to this type of firearmm in the name of public safety.

regards TB.

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