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About Practical Rifle

Practical Rifle is challenging and its fun. It is target shooting from 100 to 600 yards (or whatever distances are available) and occasionally to 1000 yards, with additional pressures on the competitor. It enjoys a safety record second to none and in itís current format has been taking place in this country and abroad since the late 1970s. Its origins can be found back to the precepts of the NRA as the volunteer movement. Publications run as early as 1902 Practical Musketry in the UK. The safety requirements are simple, and are what you will have already been taught by your local shooting club. Bolts open, chambers empty and, magazines removed (if removable), at all times except when under instruction from the Range Conducting Officer. Fingers off triggers except immediately prior to firing.

What PR is not
It is not big business (although you can spend big money on kit, if you are that way inclined).
It is not combat shooting, pseudo military training, or any other sort of training for budding Rambo's. If that's what you are interested in then you are in the wrong country and you've got the wrong web page

About Competitions
All competitions contained within this site and that count toward the League are "open" to all who comply within the laws of the land and the current firearms legislation. You don't need any special equipment to take part except of course a rifle & FAC.
Having said that, it will soon become apparent that to compete competitively a telescopic sight and large capacity magazines are a requirement (20 rounds is the norm although 10 rounds will suffice at a pinch). However despite not being conducive for single shot target rifles we would advise you on your first attempt to turn up with whatever you’ve got before spending your hard earned cash.
Entering any competition advertised on this site is no more difficult than filling in an entry form and sending it, along with your fee and a couple of stamped self addressed envelopes.

For more details on competitions go to the Competitions Page.

Entry Forms
For entry forms send an email either to the competition organisor (found in League Venues, Dates Results) or prnl "at"

Entry forms may also be available for download from the Competitions Page.

The League
No action is required by anyone wishing to take part in the League. It costs you or the organisers nothing. If you enter any competition that counts toward the League and you score well enough to come in the top 30 then you automatically score points toward the League. Your top five League scores over the year will be aggregated. Thus there is a possible 150 points to be gained.
All we ask is that when entering a competition you leave any brass (that you no longer wish to use for reloading), on the firing point. This will be collected and used to fund the League Trophies.

For current league standings check out the Results Page.

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