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Welcome to Practical Rifle

This site is designed for those United Kingdom rifle shooters who wish to take part in Practical Rifle League events.


"The Kemble" Entry Form
Entry form for "The Kemble" Online
Click here for more info

PR League Update
2013 PR League Started
Click here for the results so far

SEPR Results
Results for the SEPR Uploaded
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In addition to the web site itself there will be three sorts of email notifications that you can sign up to:-
1. An electronic version of the newsletter.
2. Notification of competition dates & entry forms.
3. Notification of the web site updates.

It is important to emphasise at this point that, the content of this electronic version will be entirely up to you (the shooter & organisers) both to use it, to supply its content and to keep it up to date.

In short the web site is now the main source for PR entry forms, dates & results. Willem is the administrator. Its not his job to find the content. Send him the information, results, write-ups, articles and he will put them in the appropriate places on the site. Willem says he can deal with any format so no excuse for you boys & girls not to contribute should you feel the need.

With the above in mind can you all please send all emails that you think are relevant to the PR web page to the following address which hasn’t changed,, they will automatically be received by Willem and a copy forwarded to me.

Steve Beard

Check out the PR News page for details of upcoming competition dates etc. Please go to the Results Page to see the PR results from this year's competitions.

The Notice Board is now up and running, if you have a PR related item for sale, this is the place to post an add for it. It is also the place to post information that may be useful to other visitors to this website.

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